About Medina Aesthetic

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Medina Clinic is a brainchild of both our couple Doctors

Medina Clinic is a brainchild of both our couple Doctors, Dr Nurul Huda Ibrahim as well as Dr Hanisyam Hanafi in delivering the Aesthetic Care and Treatment to all patients to ensure that their wellbeing and their health is of utmost priority.

Syariah Compliance

With the background of 10 years in medical practice and military medical experiences with vast experience and understanding on ground health preventions, complete with a series of qualifications and medical certificates has enhance the practice to be more complete.
The Aesthetic practices focuses on being compliance to Islamic Practice and Syariah Laws thus making it Top Syariah Compliance Aesthetic Centre.

Our Experts

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Dr Nurul Huda Ibrahim


Dr Hanisyam Hanafi

Manager Director

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